Laundry Delivery Service

Located In Redding And Shasta Lake CA!

Need help doing laundry? Don't wanna be at the laundry mat? Let me help you out!

We Offer Laundry Baskets! (15 Dollars)

Monthly Plans Are Available Please Contact 3212334565


  • Q: Can you Separate Dark and White Clothes and wash them ?

A: Please let us know and just put them in separate loads or let us know and we can do it for you although there will be a Extra $10 Sorting Fee Plus the cost of the separate load.

  • Fold And Hang ( Extra $10) Don't worry if not we will drop it off nice and hot so you can fold it your self to avoid wrinkles ( FYI Polyester fitness clothes don't wrinkle normally!)

  • Ironing Extra $10 ( Per Item, Please let us know which item it is by putting it in a bag, Thanks! )

7 Day Pick UP And Delivery ( FREE) Normally Processed on Weekend

Please Call or text to sign up for monthly plans 321- 233- 4565

Give me a call 321- 233-4565

Laundry Basket Sizes ( 17 Gallon ) Which Will represent 1 load of laundry. ( 53 Cubic Inches )